Medium Voltage Systems

In the distributing system of electrical energy, medium tension is used in the intermediate parts, between the stations receiving high tension from transmission lines and the final transformer rooms which transform the medium tension into low tension. Some distinguished consumers buy electricity directly in medium tension, taking it upon themselves to then reduce it to low tension using private transformer rooms, in these cases our company oversees each phase of the process.

Our experience began with working with standard tensions more common on a national level (6.000V, 10.000V ect), and led to higher more peculiar tensions, such as 27.000V which are used for distribution in the industrial area of Trieste and represent a particular in regards to those standard widespread. Additionally, our company is capable of handling deliveries in HIGH TENSION which some of our clients stock up on, of which we have managed the operations and maintenance over time.

We offer detailed attention in this field as well, attention to the quality of our services, guaranteeing the maximum proficiency thanks to our specifically trained professionals.

Emergency Contact  +39 040 28 07 50

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