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TIEPOLO srl began in the early seventies as a small company working in the electrical sector of industrial electrical systems. We cultivated our experience in the petrochemical and heavy industry, achieving important projects for Italian and foreign clients, operating on the regional as well as national level; in doing so, we have acquired expertise and professionalism in specific fields, creating a niche in the current market. In the second half of the seventies, Tiepolo transitioned into a capital company (S.p.A) and subsequently moved the headquarters to a new location in the industrial region of Trieste, equipped with the necessary equipment and logistical structures essential for completing the many projects.

At the end of the eighties, Tiepolo decided to expand the target market attempting to insert itself in the public sector, in this way the company acquired its first civil projects, realizing significant electrical plant designs, building part of the technological laboratories for the advanced research of what later became the AREA Science Park located in Padriciano, that moment marked the beginning of the companies work in the public sector and has always represented an important part of the overall market for Tiepolo. Throughout the last 40 years of work, the company has steadily gained competency and professionalism, documented qualities as demonstrated by the various certificates and subscriptions to associations in the industry.

A role in “research and development” was born in this field which permitted certain equipment regarding safety and circuit control to be patented.

The evolution of the company also brought about the acquisition of proficiency in the field of electrical design, enough to establish a technical office filled with competent professionals able to realize complex projects. Another specialization the company pursued over time was the installation of electrical systems in low, medium and high tension, occupying a sector in the territory which is less trite and that needs advanced expertise, resulting as being less affordable by other competitors.

At the end of the nineties, Tiepolo srl decided to create a new company, TIEPOLO SAFETY & FIRE srl, monitored by the main company and with the goal to insert itself in the special plant design market of fire systems, security systems as well as overall security.

In the early two thousands, Tiepolo determined the moment had arrived to highlight their intention to guarantee a quality product and top service for its clients, certifying their productive process using the standard ISO 9001:2000 as a guideline.

Constant determination over time, the conservation of the property within the Tiepolo family and thanks to their direct supervision, the company has always been able to maintain a stile guided by satisfying the needs of the client, at the same time, providing a high end quality product and the possibility of a turnkey service which guarantees an elevated standard of regulations and technical competency.

Following the expansion of the markets’ requests, the company decided to flank the electrical plant design system, which remains the main activity, with conditioning, a sector in which the technical office has acquired the necessary competencies over time due to winning competitive public contracts. The company therefore decided to gain certifications for the treatment of fluorinated gasses and was added to the national telematic registry established by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of land and Sea.

In 2016 the company implemented an integrate certification which, aside from the quality system already present in the company’s activities, it certifies each process dictated by the environmental principles and security following the latest regulations released. Therefore, for the “planning, installations and maintenance of technological systems: electrical, particular ones regarding security, conditioning/thermal”; the company obtained the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

The number one priority of the company is the ability to completely satisfy a client, maintaining their business over time and forging strong partner relationships with the industries present in the territory, guaranteeing continual support for any building, design, advisory needs as well as immediate assistance when necessary.

Following this logic, Tiepolo srl decided to found its principles based on the following statements:


We guide our clients throughout the plant design process, from studying the feasibility, to the planning, defining specific techniques and creation of the project itself, providing the client with an excellent consultation service and remaining focused for every phase of the project. The excellent service we offer is that sustains us.


Satisfied and loyal clients thanks to a first class product and customer service.

Emergency Contact  +39 040 28 07 50

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